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Krzyż Południa

Southern Cross

It is evening. I sit on the terrace and admire the first full moon over the ocean. I look to the right and see a constellation new to me – it’s the Southern Cross. You’ll see it on the flags of few countries of the southern hemisphere, including Australia.

Sydney, Day 4. Still a bit jetlagged. First day we went to the beach immediately after arriving. This teleport from cold winter to hot summer costs us sun burns – need to apply sunscreen more frequently.

Czytaj dalej

Ladies and Gentlemen,

meet Mr. Brooks and shake his hand:


Who has not watched the movie with Kevin Costner should watch it. Mr. Brooks is classy and rather low-key, but when it comes to what he can be fast, aggressive and agile, which he has proven. His mileage up to this point equals 620 km, so I can say few words about him already. For the test drive I took him to the Czech Republic, where in the past week together we made 450 km, including 6.4 km of ascent…




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A long adventure also requires a suitable tent. A typical igloo is comfortable, small and light, but may lack a porch,  which makes it hard to cook a meal when it rains. Czytaj dalej

It took me quite some time to get the right frame. Since the beginning my dream was a steel frame with an admixture of chromium and molybdenum – the so-called Cr-Mo or chromoly frame. Unfortunately, such new frame, adapted for brake V-Brakes for wide 26′ wheels, with all the necessary mounts for racks, fenders and water bottles costs as much as a whole new bike from the mid-range. Czytaj dalej

I start with the wheels. They must be strong enough to tolerate all surfaces, wide enough to maintain traction in the mud of the Pamir Highway and compensate for the lack of shock absorbers, because as statistics prove these break first. Czytaj dalej