Best day of the year 2014

Yesterday, Friday, August 22nd, 2014. On the same day we were both granted a “Work & Travel” visa in Australia. This program is available for Polish citizens since only three weeks ago! Only 200 visas per year and we got in! The plan has formed: work in Australia to save as much as possible and return back to Poland on bicycles. Australian dollars will allow us to travel longer than Polish Zlotys. 

Marta has never been to Australia, so she is excited twice as much as I am. Zander, my friend is going with us as well. This is a unit of positive people ready for anything!

How do I celebrate my second birthday? The same day new bicycle parts arrived and now my steed is almost ready to trot. After eight months of study, analysis, design and tests, the project ‘bicycle to circle the planet’, because that is the title of my thread on the best bike touring forum of Poland, is at the finish line. Quality in every detail. 🙂

Steed almost ready to trot :)

Steed almost ready to trot 🙂

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